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Renovare Book Club with Rev. Danny Reding

Monday, October 11, 2021, 6:30 PM - Sunday, June 05, 2022, 6:30 PM

Cost: $50.00


Danny Reding will facilitate a local meeting of the Renovaré Book Club beginning on Sunday, October 10 at 6:30 pm.  Club members will read four books during the nine-month cycle from October 2021 through June 2022.  They will also meet monthly on the second Sunday of each month for conversation. For more information, or to signup, follow this link:

Read this invitation from Danny HERE.

What is Renovaré?
Founded by Celebration of Discipline author Richard J. Foster, Renovaré is a Christian nonprofit that creates resources and kindles communities that help people become more like Jesus.

What will I get from membership?
Membership includes a reading schedule with email reminders, study guides, podcasts, essays, and a members-only discussion forum where you can interact with other members and the Renovaré team members leading the sessions. Membership also includes access to volunteer-led meet-up groupsvirtual or in-person (when safe)in select areas.

Do I have to participate in a group?
Group participation is encouraged but you can also participate on your own and will receive the same access and resources as those who are in groups. 

When does the Book Club begin? Can I join anytime?
Registration is open now. Our 202122 season will begin on October 4, with our first week of reading beginning on October 11. You may join any time during the season and have access to the bonus features of all four books (articles and podcasts, as well as discussion board conversations). 

Due to the event-like nature of the Book Club, memberships are not returnable/​refundable. Thanks for your understanding and for your support of the work of Renovaré.

How do I access downloads and participate in the discussions?
All resources and discussions are through a special Book Club members website. Members receive their login information via email a few days prior to the opening day of the Book Club (date coming soon).

What is the time commitment when I join the Book Club? Do I have to participate at a certain time or day of the week?
The Renovaré Book Club can fit just about any schedule. We read each book over six weeks but include a prep week at the start and a wrap-up week at the end, so there is plenty of cushion. The reading ​“assignments” are not more than 50 pages per week.

At the beginning of each book, our members receive an outline of the proposed reading schedule. Every Monday, we send out an update that includes: 

  • A reminder of that week’s reading assignment 
  • A supplementary resource (usually an article or a podcast) from that book’s facilitator 
  • (Sometimes) optional bonus resources for members who want to go deeper 
  • A discussion question for those who wish to engage in online discussion.

All of the resources, once posted, are available all season. There are no ​“live” online discussions (members can post at any time), and you may engage as much or as little as you would like online.

Members who participate in a virtual or in-person meet-up led by a volunteer coordinator will gather once a month at a time and day determined by the volunteer. A list of volunteer-led groups will be available soon.


SESSION 1 October 4–November 19
“The Deeply Formed Life : Five Transformative Values to Root Us in the Way of Jesus” by Rich Villodas
Facilitated by Rich Villodas

SESSION 2 December 6–February 4
“The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman”  by Phillips P. Moulton
Facilitated by Jon R. Kershner

SESSION 3 February 8–April 10
A Burning in My Bones : The Authorized Biography of Eugene H. Peterson, Translator of The Message by Winn Collier
Facilitated by Winn Collier

SESSION 4 April 12–June 5
Renovation of the Heart: Putting On the Character of Christ by Dallas Willard
Facilitated by Gary Moon + Renovaré Ministry Team Members

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