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Agape Fellowship


1520 West Huntsville Road
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Men's Ministry

Every Tuesday, from 03/16/2021 to 05/25/2021, 6:30 AM - 7:30 AM

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry studies will begin on Tuesday, March 16 at 6:30 a.m.

There are eight groups to choose from. Descriptions of each group can be found below.


Registration is required. Register HERE.


The Restored Man: Becoming a Man of God, by Randy Hemphill (6 chapters; 124 pages)

This is a book about the journey toward biblical manhood, and it is a wonderful guide about how to grow into spiritual maturity. It is also deeply biblical in the sense that it calls for you to engage Scripture at a number of different points in each chapter and then examine how those passages speak into your own experience. 

Group 1 table leader: Steve Shearman

Group 2 table leader: Gerald Barrett


Disciplines of a Godly Man, by R. Kent Hughes (19 chapters; 284 pages)

This is a study about spiritual disciplines that is specifically written for men. The topics in this book are about our practical lives and what it takes to form a Christian character as a man who faces many challenges in day-to-day life. 

Group 3 table co-leaders: Rich Morris & Alex Bohn

Group 4 table co-leaders: Ken Hatfield & Michael Gibbs

Raise the Bar on Integrity: Biblical Principles for Leadership at Work

Biblical principles for leadership at work

Group 5 table leader: Danny Reding


The Man in the Mirror: Solving the 24 Problems Men Face, By Patrick Morley (24 chapters; 386 pages)

This book is focused on the problems and challenges that men face in their daily lives: jobs, friends, marriages, children, money, time management, etc. When you read this book, you feel like the author is talking directly to you. 

Group 6 table leader: Andy Kull


The True Measure of a Man, by Richard E. Simmons (8 chapters; 160 pages)

This is a great small group study that focuses on Christian character for men. 

Group 7 table co-leaders: Jeff Williams & George Whorton

Group 8 table leader: Steve Smith

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