Agape Campus

Agape Fellowship (agape means “God’s love”) is located at the corner of Huntsville Ave. and West End in Springdale.  We are a small church with a heart to share life and be a vital part of our surrounding community.



Harvest Project
Community garden for youth and adults who want to make a difference.  The Harvest Project invites people who are ready to put their hands to work in service that will cultivate produce for the community, a healthy work ethic, hands-on learning, and a heart ready and willing to serve in the future.  Produce goes to families in the community and the Bread of Life (our Downtown Campus’ food pantry).  Contact the office at 419-4141 for work times.

Free ride is offered to any Sunday or Wednesday meal or worship service.  Call 419-4141 or 479-387-8012.



Support Group

Narcotics Anonymous (Men & Women)
Monday – Sunday, 8:00pm.  Second floor; use entrance at the back of the building.